Exclusive: Make-Up Artist Tamara Gitter and “The Tribal Man”


Radical Chic loves nothing more than exposing talent. When a concept rings true it is a joy to behold and this creative collaboration by Make-up Artist and Body Painter Tamara Gitter with Photographer Emerzy Corbin truly represents work that is emotive and  well executed. Tamara is  gifted Make-Up Artist who can literally go from transforming a bride on her wedding day, to working with prosthetics, to painting living  murials such as this [picture below]. She is defiantly versatile, if nothing else.

"The Tribal Man"

Tamara speaks exclusivity to Radical Chic about her work: “I take my inspiration from everything I see around me.  Art has always been a big part of my life. Prior to make-up, art was my first love.

The Original idea for “The Tribal Man” came from an oil painting that I saw in a museum in New York depicting a rich tribal African scenery.  I wanted to emulate the picture that I saw but on a real person. I wanted it painted on the body so the art literally comes alive as a living Muriel. I wanted to capture an essence of “The Tribal Man” with a bilayer visual of the model against the real background and the image projected onto of The Tribal Man’s body.

To actually create the piece I began experimenting with landscape on canvas then transferred the image I was most happy with to the models torso by hand.   It was quite a good feeling to be able to work in this way.  I’ve done body paints before yes, but not like this.  It was very free. The highlights in the river for example were not planned, it just happened. I looked at the image and felt it called for some artistic embellishment, so I did what felt right.” A special mention must also be siad for the model who happens to be Radical Chic’s very own Linton Clarke

Special Offfer

Highly trained and creative, Tamara is a freelance makeup artist and body painter. Her areas of expertise include special effects, high fashion and beauty, TV and film, bridal, celebrity makeup and body art. If you would like to book Tamara, she is offering an amazing 10% OFF to anyone who mentions this article on RadicalChicMagazine.com

Website www.tamaragitter.com

Contact via:  info@tamaragitter.com


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Lara Daniels January 13, 2012 at 7:03 pm

You sound very inspiring Tamara. Please keep up the good job.

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